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Help single and stay-at-home Colombian mothers getting out of precarity by hosting travelers in a peaceful favela in Medellín



Making sustainable tourism attractive and opened to all

Each traveler is unique and few trips are alike in terms of means, time and desires of discovery. Call me Mami Hostal makes it easy and fun for everyone to experience sustainable tourism with our authentic and solidary nights.

travelers closer
to the
reality of
host country

International tourism has tremendous virtues which must be exploited more than ever, given the negative environmental impact that this sector also has on the world. The economic, cultural and educational contribution of tourism must benefit the disadvantaged communities of the visited country.

Call me Mami Hostal is contributing to redirect tourism cash flow to the people that are most in need.


Lightening the footprint of a long trip by helping people

The tourism sector is a major greenhouse gas emitter. However, it is also a way for the wealth of developed countries to reach developing countries. For any given carbon footprint, travelers should maximize their social impact.

Call me Mami Hostal strives to balance out international traveling and reorient it from a purely consumerist perspective to a social approach. We reduce inequalities, which is a crucial action to save the world.



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Call me Mami Hostal is located in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Medellín to help the poorest families.

The Mamis are assured a steady income, adapted to their constraints and lifestyle.

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Call me Mami Hostal ensures that the Mamis have sufficient resources to provide for their children's basic living needs, in a stable manner.

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Call me Mami Hostal guarantees a balanced and high-quality education for the children of the Mamis. As children no longer need to work, they go to school in the day and do their homework in the evening. At home, they grow up in an exceptional cultural and linguistic diversity. Children no longer lack essential school equipment and may dare to dream of university studies.

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Call me Mami Hostal is helping single stay-at-home mothers become economically autonomous. Such stability contributes to their independence and gives them an accessible opportunity for empowerment.

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Call me Mami Hostal enables women in very precarious situations to earn a living through an enriching job not only for themselves but also for their kids.

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Call me Mami Hostal enables travelers from economically advantaged countries to improve the living conditions of their hosts from disadvantaged countries just by staying at their house.

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Call me Mami Hostal is sending a strong signal by being located in a favela far from the center.

The presence of travelers raises awareness of environmental issues such as waste sorting and plastic pollution. What's more, collective actions with kids, teenagers and residents are financed by our organization.


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